Gordon Research Conference on Physics Research and Education

This series of conferences will focus on how research in physics and research in physics education can be used to improve the teaching of physics, primarily at the undergraduate level. The goal is to bring together workers who are active in research, researchers in the new field of physics education, and people who teach courses in the focus area of interest.

The first conference emphasized the teaching of thermal and statistical physics. Special attention was given to areas of current research and technological interest which can be included in such courses, physics and chemistry educational research on conceptual understanding of thermal physics and probability, and innovative curricular materials and approaches.

Chairs Vice chair Focus area DatePlace
Brad Ambrose and Wolfgang Christian Enrique J. Galvez and Chandralekha Singh Computation and computer-based instruction June 8-13, 2008 Bryant University, RI
Kerry Browne and Stamatis Vokos Brad Ambrose and Wolfgang Christian Electromagnetism June, 2006  
Harvey Leff and David Jackson Kerry Browne and Stamatis Vokos Classical and Nonlinear Dynamics June 13-17, 2004 Mount Holyoke College
Beth Ann Thacker Harvey Leff and David Jackson Quantum Mechanics June 9-14, 2002 Mount Holyoke College
Jan Tobochnik and Harvey Gould Beth Ann Thacker Statistical and Thermal Physics June 10-16, 2000 Plymouth State College

General information:
  1. General information about Gordon Research Conferences.

  2. Topics and speakers for the first Gordon Conference on Statistical and Thermal Physics. pdf file. List of participants and e-mail addresses (pdf file).

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