AJP Theme Issue on Thermal and Statistical Physics

The special theme issue on thermal and statistical physics was published in the December 1999 issue of the American Journal of Physics, 67. The back issue price for AAPT members is $15.

  1. Harvey Gould and Jan Tobochnik, Guest Comment, Thermal and statistical physics - from the thermal issue editors."
  2. Ruth W. Chabay and Bruce A. Sherwood, "Bringing atoms into first-year physics."

  3. Frederick Reif, "Thermal physics in the introductory physics course: Why and how to teach it from a modern atomic perspective."

  4. Arnold Arons, "Development of energy concepts in introductory physics courses."

  5. Vinay Ambegaokar and Aashish Clerk, "Entropy and time." cond-mat/9907423

  6. Jon Machta, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, "Entropy, information and computation."

  7. Roger Balian, "Incomplete descriptions and relevant entropies."

  8. P.-M. Binder, J. M. Pedraza, and S. Garzon, "An Invertibility Paradox."

  9. Dan Styer, "A thermodynamic derivative means an experiment."

  10. R. Nieto, M. C. Gonzalez, and F. Herrero, "Thermodynamics of mixtures: functions of mixing and excess functions."

  11. Julio Guemez, C. Fiolhais, and M. Fiolhais, "Experimental verification of thermodynamics: On a problem presented by Planck."

  12. Don Lemons and Carl Lund, "Thermodynamics of high temperature, Mie-Gruneisen solids."

  13. Narayanan Menon, "A simple demonstration of a metastable state."

  14. Stephen F. Pate, "The thermodynamic cube: A mnemonic and learning device for students of classical thermodynamics."

  15. Harvey Leff, "What if entropy were dimensionless?"

  16. Jeffrey Prentis and Timur Zainiev, "The art of statistical mechanics: looking at microscopic spectra and seeing macroscopic properties."

  17. Michael D. Sturge and Song Bac Toh, "An experiment to demonstrate the canonical distribution."

  18. W. E. Lawrence, "Detailed balance, quantum distribution functions, and equilibrium of mixtures."

  19. Claude Garrod and Mitja Rosina, "Three Interesting problems in statistical mechanics."

  20. Joan Adler, "A walk in phase space: solidification into crystalline and amorphous states." Visit Web site to download article, figures, and links to related sites.

  21. F. L. Roman, A. Gonzalez, J. A. White, and S. Velasco, "Fluctuations in the number of particles of the ideal gas: a simple example of explicit finite-size effects."

  22. W. I. Goldburg, "Dynamic light scattering."

  23. Marshall Luban and James H. Luscombe, "Equilibrium time correlation functions and the dynamics of fluctuations."

  24. George Stan, Silvina Gatica, Massimo Boninsegni, Stefano Curtarolo, and Milton Cole, "Atoms in nanotubes: small dimensions and variable dimensionality." cond-mat/9904352

  25. Rava da Silveira, "An introduction to breakdown phenomena in disordered systems."

  26. Roger Balian and Jean-Paul Blaizot, "Stars and statistical physics: a teaching experience." cond-mat/9909291

  27. Dietrich Stauffer, "Interdisciplinary applications of computational statistical physics."

  28. Victor Bloomfield, "Statistical thermodynamics of helix-coil transitions in biopolymers."

  29. John Barker and Marc Ross , "An Introduction to Global Warming."

  30. Robert S. Knox, "Physical Aspects of the Greenhouse Effect and Global Warming."

  31. Wayne Saslow, "An economic analogy to thermodynamics."

  32. Bart G. de Grooth, "A simple model for Brownian motion leading to the Langevin equation."

  33. Michael Shlesinger, Joseph Klafter, and Gert Zumofen, "Above, below and beyond Brownian motion."

  34. Giulio D'Agostini, "Teaching statistics in the physics curriculum: Unifying and clarifying role of subjective probability." physics/9908014.

  35. Royce Zia and B. Schmittmann, "Weather records: musings on cold days after a long hot summer." cond-mat/9905103

  36. Sid Redner and P. l. Krapivsky, "Capture of the lamb: diffusing predators seeking a diffusing prey." cond-mat/9905299

Book Reviews
  1. John K. Pribram, Review of "An Introduction to Thermal Physics" by Daniel V. Schroeder.
  2. Gayle Cook, Review of "Thermal Physics" by Ralph Baierlein.
  3. James H. Luscombe, Review of "A Modern Course in Statistical Physics, L. E. Reichl, second edition.
  4. Philippe M. Binder, Review of "The Thermodynamics of Pizza: Essays on Science and Everyday Life" by Harold J. Morowitz.
Updated 25 December 1999.